560 Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3

Clinic: Unit 306 - Gastown Physio & Pilates 
Gym: Unit L300 - West Coast Strength & Movement


Clinic: Tues:   1pm - 8:00pm 
            Thur:  1pm - 8:00pm

            Sat:    9am - 3:30pm
Gym:   Wed: 10am - 6:30pm


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Rehab. Recover. Reload


Christian has been practicing Physiotherapy for over 5 years and previous to this was a personal trainer and Kinesiologist for over 10 years. With this background he bridges the gap between traditional rehab settings and returning to performance and gym environments. He treats clients along the entire spectrum when an injury has just occurred right up until you are back at what you love 100%. This continuity of care ensures every part of your rehab is addressed and you come out better than before!  

Christian works both in a clinic setting, at Gastown Physio & Pilates, and a gym, West Coast Strength & Movement. Both are located in the same building at 560 Beatty in downtown Vancouver. 

With these two spaces, he offers a unique blend of physical therapy and strength and conditioning designed to get you moving better, earlier. Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete or never stepped foot in a gym, Christian is familiar working with a wide range of clients and needs. 



Traditional clinic setting appointments for acute injuries or a good starting point for your rehab journey


The next step once you have mastered the basics and are ready for more resistance and returning to your sport or activity