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Frequently asked questions

I'm not sure if I should see you in the clinic or gym first. Which is best to start?

If you're unsure, it is best to start off in the clinic as it'll give us time to thoroughly go through your history, previous injuries and talk about a plan moving forward. The clinic offers privacy to go through a full assessment of your body from posture, joint range of motion, muscle strength to basic and fundamental movements.

What is the difference between seeing you in the clinic or the gym?

The clinic is a good starting point for your rehab journey so that we can establish what your needs and goals are along with giving me a full picture of what we need to work on. At the clinic I offer more traditional physiotherapy services such as education, manual therapy, manipulation, dry needling / IMS and body weight, low resistance exercises. The gym setting allows us to take the next step and load your movements with more resistance. This can be important for assessing higher level movements, building a thorough exercise program or getting you comfortable to workout independently.

Do you offer all the same services at both locations?

No. At the clinic I can't assess heavy loaded movements (but often the first step doesn't require this right away). At the gym, I offer limited manual therapy / manipulation services and do not perform any IMS / dry needling which I do so in the clinic.

Do you offer direct billing to insurance?

Yes! Gastown Physio & Pilates does all my billing at the clinic and gym. To see if your health insurance benefits qualify, check out their contact page or email/call their front desk at info@gastownphysiopilates.com, 604-569-3891.

What are your rates?

The rates below are applicable to both the clinic and gym: Initial Assessment (60 minutes) - $150 Follow Up (30 minutes) - $95 Follow Up Extended (60 minutes) - $150 Virtual Assessment (45 minutes) - $100 Virtual Follow Up (30 minutes) - $75 Virtual Follow Up Extended (45 minutes) - $90